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The Many Prizes for King Fundraiser Fundraising Programs

Your school or organization will receive an incentive program designed to motivate your fundraising participants from start, middle and end of the fundraiser. Our multi-phased, multi-tiered approach offers your school or organization a proven process for increasing participation, maximizing sells and making the whole process a lot of fun!

Here Are Just Some Of Our Prize Programs…

Children Excited for King Fundraising Prizes!
King Fundraising Customer Testimonials
quote-markI’m VERY pleased with the outcome of this fundraiser! … never, in a million years, thought we would sell that much product! … As someone who hates fundraising, I loved this one and the results my group received in the end”



quote-mark… we recently sent in our very first fundraising order to Yankee Candle … Thank you for making the process easy and we were pleasantly surprised at the amount of money we were able to raise for the rescue.”



quote-markI especially appreciate how your company ships candles in individual boxes based on the individual orders.”



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